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Welcome to Torchlit Hall.  This site contains adult information and may have adult rated pictures.  If you are under 19, please do not enter.  It is information needed to roleplay online in Gorean chat rooms and communities.
For some time, I had abandoned my Gorean pages, but I was recently inspired to bring them back online again. So much work had gone into these pages, thousands of hours of time spent researching, that I took a glance at them with the plan to revive them. The perfectionist that I am, however, meant that I had to completely revamp them.   These will always be pages “under construction” as I am constantly adding or coming up with new ideas to “improve” the site.  The addition of new books means completely re-writing various sections.  This is truly a labor of love for me. You will find references here to all of the 33 books, so far, written by John Norman including Rebels of Gor.
This community began as a way for me to store information I required when I was first training as a slave in Gor.  There seemed to be so much to learn and remember, I needed a place to easily store it and quickly retrieve it should it be required.  Through the course of time, as I became a training girl and first girl, I increased the information.  As I became interested in various other aspects of Gorean culture (different cultures and people, medical, law, sparring) again the information expanded.  These are evolving documents as I find new information I want to include or better information than is here, I will be updating them.  I take pride in providing a very comprehensive, informative Gorean site to be used not only for information but to help you in your roleplay. 
Most often Y/you will find that quotes in this community list the book reference but not the page.  That is because there are so many different printed versions of the books not to mention online versions that the page numbers are, more often than not, irrelevant.
In creating this information, I researched through the books written by John Norman and various web sites found on different subjects related to Gor.  I have credited where information has been taken word for word and I have received permission to use the information or when I've use artwork created by other folks that I know about.  If I have used something of yours ... it was in error.  Please contact me and I will remove it or give you the credit you deserve.
The navigation bar represents, for the most part, major sections of information.  There are links to other pages that relate to that subject.  There are links back to the main page ... and links, where possible, down to major sections on each of the pages.  Every attempt is made to ensure the links work at all times and are only linked to pages within this site. 
Enjoy your walk through these pages.  Please leave a message if you want to make comments, give feed back or make suggestions.  These are evolving documents that will be added to from time to time as new information is discovered.
Frankly, I am disappointed to have do this, but in my search through communities related to Gor, I have found my information word for word, complete with format in tact and not a credit or thank you to this site included.   So, access to this site has been restricted to members only. 
In accordance with "Communications Decency Act" and the "Child Online Protection Act" and any other law in your area that relates to viewing of adult material, no minors (under the age of 19) shall be permitted entrance into this Site Community or Chat Room, as it involves adult content.  If you are under the required age, enter this site under false presentation or statement of your age and are found out, you shall be banned immediately.  The owners, Managers, Members or Visitors to this site, shall take no responsibility for your actions.   

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